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Lately there has been a lot of noise going around over the internet about Yevo, and I’ll tell you all that you need to know about it in this full out Yevo International Review.

Yevo has been getting a lot of different reviews and I decided to check out what all the fuss was all about.

It is definitely good news for people who have been waiting for a solid MLM. Does this mean that I will join it?

Well food is definitely my passion, and I really think that if you want to quit your day job, roll around in wads of cash in your bathtub, there isn’t a better way to do that.

So is Yevo all about the hype? This review will give you the latest scoop on that.

What is the product? FOOD!

But not just any food, it is food that is:

  • Packaged and prepared instantly (contains no preservatives)
  • Filled with essential ingredients (43 of them bad boys in total)
  • Easy to prepare and fast

So what’s the catch? People today like packaged food, but they are also concerned about what they are doing to their health with processed foods.

Yevo doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that people are looking to avoid, and they are packaged and ready to eat quite easily.

Basically Food that is Good for You! It contains:

  • No MSG
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial dyes/colors
  • No trans fat
  • No high sodium
  • No genetically modified foods

Yevo foods also don’t have to be cooked, which is certainly catered to the market of healthy eaters that are too damn lazy to get off their asses and cook! (Like Me)

So what are the products?

Well as of right now, they mainly consist of breakfast foods like tea drinks/vitamin coffee and oatmeal. The brilliant idea is that if you consume only 2 Yevo food products, you get all your daily essential nutrients for the day. Sounds too good to be true, eh? It is definitely worth it though!

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Let’s get to know a bit about the genius minds behind Yevo:

The head of Yevo is Peter Castleman.

Dude went to Harvard Business School. Taught there too. Which means he’s smart. Really smart!

He’s been involved at a high level in many Billion with a B dollar companies. And seen a great level of success in pretty much everything he touches! Let’s just say He’s in the upper tax bracket.

Saying he has experience in the MLM industry probably doesn’t do him justice. He has flat out set records with companies.

Very Impressive pedigree of success. Brings a great culture to Yevo to start with.

Update:  I recently met Peter Castleman and let me tell you… I’ve worked with a lot of different owners over the years and he is playing it “Like a Boss”.  I can’t recall meeting a more down to earth man that really pays attention to his people.

He listened to everyone in the room and had nothing but positive stuff to give back.

Just an all around great dude!

Chip Marsland Yevo
Chip Marsland (Chief Innovation Officer)

So I just got back from my tour of the facility in Reno, Nevada.  Chip Marsland is the guide and really took the lead in explaining the difference in Yevo products.

He’s an engineer and chemist and not to mention a brilliant man when it comes to workings of the human body.

Another very down to earth man that took every moment to answer any and all questions and just really went above and beyond to make sure we all understood the Yevo Mission.

“To improve the lives of all people through good nutrition.”

I know, I know… Your first thoughts are probably that it’s kind of corny.  But really, I know you won’t find any other people out there that are more passionate about that mission then these men.  While you’re in the room with them, their passion will energize you more than a adrenaline shot to the jugular!  Great Stuff.

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So what’s the compensation plan like?

Well any compensation plan that is worth its salt needs to attract and also retain a vast network of distributors.

This one certainly ticks all the right boxes and then some!
Check out the Yevo Compensation Plan.

Here is what the compensation plan offers:

  • Maintain active status with $100+ Personal Volume per month
  • 50% of that PV must come from sales not from yourself.
  • 25% commission on retail sales
  • 15% commission on Preferred Customer (autoship) orders
  • Recurring Preferred Customer bonus based on volume & number of Preferred Customers
  • Unilevel Bonus starts at 5%
  • Unilevel Bonus available down to 7 levels
  • Unilevel Bonus is 10% on level 1 at higher ranks
  • Many other bonuses when you get rolling in sales
  • Bonuses start generally when you have over 2,000 in downline volume, 250 in PV, and 3 active legs
  • Max leg rules apply


The pricing structure of Yevo also stands likes this:

  • Starter Kit ($50). Only sample food items.
  • Silver Enrollment Kit ($224). 7 Sample food items + basic backoffice + marketing materials
  • Gold Enrollment Kit ($480). 12 larger sample food items + premium backoffice + marketing materials
  • Platinum Enrollment Kit ($560). 14 larger sample food items + premium backoffice + marketing materials. + Yevo ribbon-cutting ticket

So basically this is what you are getting with the Silver Enrollment Kit:

  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal pouches, 5 servings each
  • Breakfast Rice pouches, 5 servings each
  • Plain Oatmeal pouches, 5 servings each

That means around 30 breakfasts, at around $224.

The Yevo International Review Verdict

Yevo food products basically offer busy people with the notion that they can get their cake and eat it too.
And why the hell not? I love cake!

People today want to eat food that is fast, easily packaged and doesn’t need a lot of preparation time. However, they also want to eat food that is good for them.

Yevo certainly manages to deliver that and comprehensively.

The concept is certainly genius and with the amount of publicity it has received, it certainly offers a lot of potential for people. I think that it is definitely worth a shot and is unlike any other MLM that I have ever reviewed.

Seems like a high buy in at first, but we’re not talking about a trip thru a drive thru. Hey, you have to Go Big or Go Home Man!

Yevo International does have an intriguing offer and if you are already into MLM then you should definitely give it a shot. I highly recommend it, since who doesn’t want to make some cash?

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