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Isagenix Review

Isagenix is a network marketing company, which has been around for 12 years.

You can easily see the hype on the internet with a simple search. There are tons of web-pages flooded with people who are interested in making money from Isagenix. But as a lot of experienced marketers claim, Isagenix can be a pretty difficult company to make money from. Here in this review, I will make some interesting observations about Isagenix that you will definitely find helpful.

About Isagenix

First of all, as I said that Isagenix has been around for over 12 years. It shows experience and sturdiness. And it is a good thing to have a network marketing company for around so long. Trust and confidence is a rare commodity on the web anyways, and this definitely helps, right? Anyway, it offers long-term health and wealth solutions to its customers. These products are supposed to address many glaring issues, e.g. obesity, aging, weight-gain, loss of energy and performance, and stress. However, from the perspective of a network marketer, I guess you should be more interested in reading about its compensation plan, right? Well, hold on. We are getting to it. Keep reading.


Isagenix was founded in 2002 by Jim Coover, Kathy Coover and John Anderson. John Anderson has worked with over 600 companies and created more than 2,300 weight-loss and nutritional products. Similarly, Jim Coover also has 30+ years of experience in the health and wellness industry. When this type of experience is associated with a company, it bodes really well for the people trying to associate with it. People like you, of course. But how can you, as a network marketer, earn from Isagenix? To answer this, let’s dive and review their compensation plan.

The Solution

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Here is a video on the Compensation Plan from one of the owners.  It’s a bit of a sales pitch but will give you all the ins and outs of the plan.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

Isagenix claims that you can make $100,000+ with its compensation plan. It also says that over 100 people have earned more than 1 million dollars from its compensation plan. However, when we take a look at its binary compensation program, it just doesn’t fit that well for an average network marketer. Isagenix is built around the binary compensation plan, and you know how difficult some binary compensation plans can be. The weak leg often becomes the decisive hurdle in your success. And trust me, you don’t want that.

Moreover, Isagenix lets you earn income through 5 different methods. These 5 methods are:


  • Retail Profits
  • Product Introduction Bonuses
  • Team Bonuses (Cycles)
  • Executive Matching Team Bonuses and Re-entries
  • Incentives and Promotions

You can check their complete compensation plan here. But once you join Isagenix as a network marketer, you will soon find out how important it is to have an auto-ship. Similarly, recruiting – or should I say, constantly recruiting – other people into the program is another thing that you will be usually focusing on all the time. And yes, it does mean whenever you have a family gathering or a friends’ reunion, you will be found talking to others about joining Isagenix as your team-member and consultant. Last, but not the least, Isagenix also offers a couple of very attractive bonuses for its marketers. For instance, if you manage to recruit 6 active consultants within 90 days, you will be given a bonus of $750. But it’s hard as hell! So don’t assume these bonuses to be something that you absolutely have a shot on. It’s a “bonus” at best – which is definitely not easy to pick.

Final Word about Isagenix

In this Isagenix review I’ve noted that they are a well-reputed company with a lot of experience in the health and wellness industry. And don’t take me wrong, they do have some pretty good products that a lot of people like. But at the same time, different opinions about their service and products are not that hard to find either. But their compensation plan leaves a lot to be desired. It can be pretty confusing and complex for someone who is just starting out. With multiple levels and different “active statuses”, you need to have a very keen eye on everything to have any kind of sense about your projected income. And the binary compensation plan is a huge turn-off for a lot of serious network marketers.

If you’re looking for a company without a binary comp plan you should probably check out Yevo and their plan.


Corporate Branding

Branding is really important.  They’ve kind of adopted an old style of branding that really isn’t to my liking.


Website Design

The site again is old fashioned and not very up to date with the times.  Again just not what I’d expect from a company of it’s size.


Product Design & Qaulity

Products are good.  But lets be honest… There are a ton of great products out there.  What sets your product apart.  I just don’t know if you can justify the price difference.

Opportunity Rating

Complicated comp plan along with recruiting and autoships…  Whats to really like here.  Like most health product companies you will have so much cash tied into the product and getting it to you, its going to be hard to make any real money in this opportunity.  Of course I’m not talking to the unbelievable marketer that is bringing in a team of 100 people.  For the everyday person trying to make some extra cash this will be a very tough sell.

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