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Shopping Sherlock Review

I personally believe that Shopping Sherlock is an excellent idea. It is an interesting concept that makes a lot of sense and fulfills many needs of a lot of avid internet users.

Shopping Sherlock is a web-based application that basically sorts a product by its price. It then also identifies the best places where you can find the best possible deal for it. As I said, it is a pretty interesting concept with a lot of practical use.

The best part about Shopping Sherlock is that it is absolutely free. This makes it an interesting and highly effective product (without any price) for earning affiliate commissions.

In this post, I will be “sherlocking” Shopping Sherlock and its compensation plan.

Let’s see if it has an affiliate program worth investing your time and efforts in.

But first, let’s discuss a bit about the company itself.

Michael Wiedder

About the Founder

Shopping Sherlock was founded in 2012 by Michael Wiedder.

You might know Michael Wiedder as the advertising and digital world’s genius. He has been in the internet marketing industry since 1995.

Michael Wiedder successfully combined his years of practical knowledge, experience and in-depth information from various different experiences. Shopping Sherlock was a result of all that valuable experience and combination.

One thing that does have me a bit curious…  They don’t list him anywhere on the site.  While I’m hitting that note, they don’t list anything about any of the team.  NO owners page.

This is a pretty serious kink in the armour.  Joining an MLM that the owner or CEO won’t put his or her name on.  Bad News!

Shopping Sherlock – The Product

We have already discussed some pretty important points about Shopping Sherlock as a product.

It is a free web-based application that finds you the best possible deals for a product. Furthermore, the service doesn’t save information about your buying behavior. It doesn’t save any pattern. It just focuses on what you want to buy at a particular time. It is one of the many little things that I particularly like about Shopping Sherlock.

However, the important thing to understand here is that it isn’t anything like a product that most other MLM companies offer.

It doesn’t require manufacturing, shipment or packaging. This saves a lot of operating and manufacturing costs, which can be used for affiliate commissions.

This brings us to the most important part of this review, i.e. the compensation plan.

Shopping Sherlock – The Compensation Plan

The product is awesome. But honestly speaking, the compensation plan of “Shopping Sherlock” isn’t the most exciting one.

First of all, it works on the binary compensation plan system. This is often enough to turn off many serious internet marketers.

You have two teams – a left leg and a right leg – and they both need to contribute for you to earn money from the compensation plan.

For instance, to earn the Dual Team Pay (DTP) bonus of $50, each of your Dual Team Pay legs (2 in your right team and 2 in your left) needs to sell 2 Sherlock Systems, priced at $249.

You can see how difficult it may be. And personally speaking, I don’t think the $50 commission justifies the amount of time and efforts required to sell 2 Sherlock Systems of almost $250.

More importantly, for you to earn the bonus, both your legs need to perform. And if both legs don’t sell their required quotas, you don’t get the commission.

You can read their whole compensation plan here.

Final Verdict – Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock is a solid company with an interesting free product. Their website is excellent and the product offers real value to its users.

However, their compensation plan is based on the binary system, and this often becomes a big hurdle for serious internet marketers. The potential of earning huge money seems a bit far-fetched, because of the low commission rate and binary compensation plan.

In this Shopping Sherlock review I hope I’ve remained unbiased and gave you a ton of value.  Be sure to check out my other reviews.   Give it a go!


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