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Stream Energy Review

Stream mlmWhen you look at the Stream Energy MLM, you may think it is a fairly normal company, but let me assure you that the rise and popularity of this MLM is anything but normal. It is one of the fastest growing and largest MLM currently out right now, which could also possibly be due to the market that they are currently in. On the outset the future for Stream Energy looks brighter than my bald head with the sun shining on it.
So what is Stream Energy basically?

The company distributes electricity and natural energy to consumers and businesses.

However, it only supplies its resources in 6 states, which are namely Texas, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

That is somewhat of a hindrance for people that don’t live in those states to actually find the right consumers and businesses to sell the resources to.

How do you get started?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase then. It’s fairly simple to get started with Stream Energy, but is definitely not cheap. Don’t bother looking for the price on their website, been there done that, you won’t find it.

The only way you can find out the price is by calling them at a 1-800 number for customer support. I’ll save you all the hassle and tell you that it takes no less than $375 to get your Stream Business and an additional $24.95 a month for the stream marketing system.

So basically you are paying $399.95 to get started with Stream Energy! That is definitely not a cheap start by any stretch of the imagination.

What’s the Stream MLM product line?

Okay, so it’s expensive, big deal! Surely the products on offer are going to be worth it right? You be the judge. Here is what is being sold:


  • Natural gas
  • Commercial services
  • Clean energy

Mobile services

  • Shared plans
  • Individual plans

Identity service protection

  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity protection

Stream Energy, as the name implies, focuses mainly on selling energy. It started to gain popularity through word of mouth, but expanded like wildfire with the right MLM marketing strategy.

It is a direct selling company, and the best way to gain success through this MLM is by selling protective, mobile and energy services.

Stream Comp plan


Now I know they may be throwing all kinds of MLM nonsense at you as far as points and volume.  But I’ll let you dive into this bad boy with me…

To be honest it’s pretty involved and handles all the different customers.   I’ll let you watch the video below and try to dissever from the what looks like bad ventriloquist show but hey, he is in Aruba…  OHHHHHHH


You plus 2!

I know right!  Got it!  If you didn’t watch the video you probably will not.. never mind you’ll probably still get it.

You want to get to two people who all get two people who somewhere down the line someone gets 2oo.  You know there really isn’t much new about this plan.  I’ve seen it for years and it really counts on you signing up your whole family on some plan.  In this case it’s mobile, which in all actuality is a pretty good product.

I mean who do you know doesn’t have a cell pressed to their ear?  Not many.  Yeah I’m still counting pop pop who has the flipper phone with all the important numbers taped to the back of it.  And that douche that has the bluetooth on in a packed elevator arguing with his girlfriend.  (Seriously?)

Point is there is money to made  here.  I’m not getting into explaining the point system and all that jazz.  I’ll let the video do that.

Points are good and equal money in comp plan.  Points are goooodddd!



The product line offered by Stream Energy is fairly limited, since it is only available in 6 states.

However, energy is a resource that is high in demand but when you try to sell it, no one seems to want to buy it.

Ask anyone in direct selling and they will tell you that this is not an easy opportunity, and the fact that you have to pay $375 up front, before you can even begin making any money is a major drawback for me personally.

I’m not saying you can’t be successful with Stream Energy, but it basically relies on your ability to sell and the number of people you can get interested in this MLM.

Looking at the big picture, it may take you years to see any substantial success at Stream Energy and it really doesn’t look like it’s worth the hype at all.

On the real.  I know you’ve probably read about 5 of these already and you’re looking to find some reason not to join Stream.  I’m not gonna tell you that you shouldn’t.  Thats on you..

There are better options out there and honestly if you’re starting out it’s all about your team.  Your leaders.

So… If you’re looking for something to really sink your teeth into..  you might want to check out Yevo.  I’ve done a ton of reviews just like this one and I’ll tell you that if you’re in the MLM market that is one you need to take a look at.



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