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How do you decide which home based business opportunities are worth pursuing? How much time do you spend screening the available options? Only the best home based business opportunity deserves your time and energy, two ingredients for success with any opp. Your time and energy are your most valuable commodities and we want to see you invest them with the best.

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Make Money From Home 2014 Edition *Update*

We’re gonna make this as short and sweet as we can. 2014 has started and we are all out there looking to make a little extra cash from the house. Doesn’t really matter much what you are, stay at home mom, working parents, college student, or maybe just someone with a couple extra minutes a day. What I’m saying is we’re all looking for some extra greenbacks in our pocket. One of the markets that is really emerging as big business is the make money from home business. Why you ask? Well the investment that you have to make to get started and keep it up and running is probably the biggest.  Think about it… How many retail businesses can you start for a 100$ or even 2000$ bucks?  Not many… And not to mention once you get one of those open you have to work the dam thing now. Then theres inventory, rent, and employees!! Ahhhhh!  No thanks! Home businesses are so freaking cool for just those reasons..  You have none of that. But BEWARE!  Home businesses can be just as time consuming and to be successful in any business you will have to treat it like one. Heres a couple businesses for you to take a look at:


1. Argent Global Network  *Best Choice*

Argent is quickly becoming a power house in the industry.  I never really been big on auto ships and having to carry product on hand in order to be in business.  Lets face it, that why a lot of us are even in a business online.  So AGN takes care of that for us.  All you have to do is purchase ad pack from them and place your ad everyday on a free classified site that they provide and BAM!  You get paid!  They are fairly new but they’re rolling out with things like a gaming platform, smart phone APP, Advertising platform and many other in the next few months.  So Take the time and check it out.  I also have a bit more info on the company at AGN

Argent Global Network - ericd6


2. MyFunLife

I’ve never been much of a banners guy but hey, you get it with along with a bunch of other marketing tools. MyFunLife is only 6 months out of the gate and are excellent startup to do from home.  This is a travel membership that gives you a platform a lot like Expedia and Travelocity.  Only difference is that annoying gnome isn’t making the commissions, you are! What makes it so intriguing is the fact that it’s only 25$ a month to get all they have to offer.  MyFunLife also offers a ton of marketing tools that help you market you business all in your back office for free.  Great business to get your feet wet in. Check out my full review at Official MyFunLife Review


3. Empower Network

EMPOWER NETWORKI think if you’ve been in the online marketing world you’ve heard of Empower, if not you need to.  Empower Network has been around since 2011.  Empower on the other hand is company that will teach you how to market online and give you the tools that you will need to be successful. It is a high power offense sorta speak.  The owners are high intensity, come from nothing to highly successful leaders. This is a system built by marketers for marketers.  Tons of informational products and some of the best education online that will guide you in what ever business you are passionate about. Check out my Empower Network Full Review for more about Empower.


4. Vemma

VemmaVemma is a company that has been around for a while.  So if stability is what you’re looking for than Vemma is your company. Vemma is a health and wellness company that focuses on putting out quality products based around liquid multi vitamins.  They have everything from protein and diet products to healthy energy drinks.  They also do stuff for kids so if you have children and your looking for something  instead of those Flinestone vitamins, Vemma Next might be for you. My Vemma Page will give you a breakdown on the company.

 In The End

I hope I gave you some great ideas to kick your year off right.  Remember, these are all businesses that you can start from your home, but they’re like any other business.  No guarantees!  but if you work at them they can all bring in some extra cash for you! Stay with it, do your research and I hope to be working with ya in the not to distant future.

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