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YEVO International MLM

YevoChecking out Yevo International to make sure it’s right for you.  Good deal!

My hope is that the details about this great company and the internet marketing industry in general will be something you wanna take a shot at.

Firstly, a network marketer is basically an independent contractor.

As an Independent contractor you partner with a business to represent their services or products.

Pretty self explanatory right!

Where’s the Rub?

Well, that company possesses 51 % of everything you create.

so it’s pretty dam important that you partner with an ethical business that values people over profits.

I share this little nugget with you because the principles, morals & values of the creator will certainly determine the culture of a company.

And it’s probably the first place to start looking when you want to downgrade an opportunity.

Peter Castleman

Peter Castleman

Enter the Peter Castleman, a remarkable business man and entrepreneur.  At 58 years old he has assisted in creating 11 different billion dollar brands and a number of multi-billion dollar companies.  

This is pretty sweet to say the least.  But when I went digging I really couldn’t find any bad news around him.

Simply seems to be sincere and focused on nutrition and the companies distributors.  

Let’s talk about their mission.

Flipping that beezy on it’s head.  They’re all about solutions!

The Problem: MOST OF United States ARE MALNOURISHED

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We are NOT getting 43 Essential Nutrients that we require on a day-to-day basis from the FOOD we consume …

Yevo: Grow. Recover. Live.


Making our favorite foods HEALTHY!  Getting your essential nutrition from their nutrition dense foods.

They will have 3-500 nutrition dense food products within 3 years. Starting with breakfast items (the most crucial dish of the day) and broaden from there.

  • No MSG
  • No Trans Fat
  • No High Sodium
  • No Preservatives
  • No High Heat
  • No Cooking
  • No Artificial Dyes/Colors

Every food will provide protein, fiber, omegas and 50 % of 43 vital nutrients per serving. Peter Castleman partnered with Chip Marsland 5 years back and began dealing with this mission to alter 100 years of bad foods.

Team Vision

* Our group (Team Vision) has numerous nutritionists, chiropractic practitioners, medical Drs and neurological professionals that are promoting the product due to the fact that of the nutrient value.  

We have moms, dads, business owners, and just regular ole people just trying to make some extra money for their family.

Know you’ll be in a team with constant support and culture.  

We are in this together and we are building teams for the future.


The Commander Peter Castleman– famous financier, acquired Northface and created a billion dollar brand, acquired Igloo and did the very same, enormous holdings in Ethanol fuel, established Pharmanex which is now a major part of NuSkin, purchased Herbalife and took it from 700 million to 3 billion in 5 years. Peter wants to make a positive impact in society as a whole.

The World Health Organization advises a day-to-day consumption of 43 vital nutrients for optimal health.

Due to soil deficiency, processed foods & ingredients, we are not getting these from the foods we consume and it’s why there is such a worldwide sickness epidemic today.
100 + various food solutions are prepared for market.

Bundle foods industry is a 4.3 trillion dollar industry compared to the supplement market, only a 18-30 billion dollar industry.

People supplement to get their bodies the nutrients that they’re missing from food.

YEVO food will certainly supplies those nutrients.

Common foods that we all consume and like … America’s Favorite Foods with whole food goodness … America’s Favorite Foods gone healthy.

The company understands social sharing & provides cutting edge marketing devices and systems … mobile apps, social networks friendly. This is a location that the majority of other house based companies fail.

The compensation strategy pays weekly bonuses, regular monthly incentives, provides overall shares, generational bonuses and infinity incentives. Enabling anybody to get involved no matter the experience or time one might have to dedicate to their business.


This is the most extremely funded start-up in mlm history. Peter Castleman has developed 11 different billion dollar brands and thinks of this bad boy as his crown jewel.

Lack of dollar bills is the biggest killer to MLM’s in general.  This food mlm doesn’t have to worry about that with Mr. Castleman.

So, you have a significant investment by Castleman, independently held company, and a green & socially concious worldwide business at your fingertips.

Oh, they also have 2 Patents on the process of creating such nutrition thick foods.

The Expansion Strategy– No NFR (Not For Resale) company design.

They are shipping product from the USA. And will certainly open every country OTC and be totally legal.

This will ensure fully legal with internal production, warehousing, distribution, corporate presence, assistance, culturally particular marketing, logistics etc.

This is big and for those that do international company you will truly appreciate it.

The preliminary expense is substantial however Peter and his team understand the international markets and know precisely what it brings to build an international brand that all cultures will engage with in addition to achieve success in structure.

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What Can This Food MLM Do For Me? You? Us?

If you’ve made this far, then you are phenomenal, showing your commitment to doing your due diligence and your desire making a truly informed decision.

I’m sure you will certainly proceed from here and continue to research the company and I encourage you to do so.

Simply keep this in mind while investigating … there are all strolls of individuals and leadership in networking.

Some are the stars making this market exceptional and others are those with a sour taste in their mouth about the industry and a desire to clip every wing.

Don’t get held up by all the nay say trolls out there.  You can get the nutrition that your body needs and still make some money to do it.

Consider who you are listening to and if they lead by example.

Exactly what do they have to provide you and should you should listen?

Our life experience has actually taught us that success fluctuates with leadership.

Well the ball’s in your court now.  Go Get em!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

My wife Dolores is Type II Diabetic for many years. Two months into Yevo, the doctor cut her meds in half. Four Months in they had to be cut in half again. On August 1 she took her last dose of Metformin, glypocide and the other one.
She is now OFFICIALLY NO LONGER Type II Diabetic and she tests lower now than the last day she took them.


My hair keeps growing like crazy!!!! Thank you Yevo! I have NEVER been able to grow my hair out, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few more months

Denee Doyle

Rosio Cortès Urrutia, of Mexico City shared an incredible testimonial at a meeting in Mexico City we had the day before the Yevo Mexico Grand Opening Celebration. Rosio has type 2 diabetes and says her blood sugar was out of control at 350. But just 4 days after eating Yevo, she says her blood sugar levels started stabilizing. Now after just 3 weeks of eating Yevo–her blood sugar levels have dropped to 150, and she has tons of energy!!

Rosio Cortès

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