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Talk Fusion Review

Talk Fusion Review

I believe you would be already familiar with Talk Fusion, right?

After all, it has been one of the leading companies in the video communications niche for quite a long time.

Talk Fusion was started in 2007 and quickly gained a lot of global momentum. It soon became one of the leading companies in video communications, with a lot of innovative and revolutionary ideas to support it.

I personally like Talk Fusion as far as their products and services are concerned. Today, as of this writing, not many people use video communications. A lot of businessmen, freelancers and average internet users would prefer hiding behind e-mails, letters, IM, and phone calls, but video communications will soon become the real deal.

Today, it’s an advantage. Tomorrow, it will be a necessity.

Anyway, in this post I’ll be discussing a little bit about Talk Fusion as a company, its products and its compensation plan for its affiliate members or “associates”.

Let’s see what it has in its store for us …

Bob Reina

Bob Reina really came out of nowhere as far as network marketing is concerned. It states he has over 20 years in the industry and worked as a part time police officer. Refusing to be told no he launched a very successful company in Talk Fusion. He is also very well known in his community, winning multiple awards for his charity work and work done around the community.

Talk Fusion – Products Overview

As I mentioned above, Talk Fusion products are fast becoming the new, dynamic view of communicating via the web.

Do you know an average person receives 1,216 e-mails per month? It’s hard to stand out among such a cut-throat competition. However, when you personalize your message with videos, you stand a solid chance!


Talk Fusion offers video e-mails, video newsletters, video postings, one-on-one person live broadcasting, and much more. You also have the option of customizing your videos with a number of templates. Moreover, if you are not comfortable in creating your own videos, you can use any pre-made videos. There are hundreds of them.

All in all, the products offered by Talk Fusion are, indeed, awesome. The price may seem a bit too steep to many people, but if you are going to use videos frequently for your business, it seems fair enough.

But with Talk Fusion, you don’t only have to spend money in their products and services. Instead, you can also become an “associate” and earn money by recommending Talk Fusion to other people.

Let’s discuss what they have to offer to their affiliate members

Talk Fusion – Compensation Plan Review

Talk Fusion offer a multi-level marketing income opportunity to its affiliate members.

They have a solid track record of almost 8 years. But yes, there have been different opinions from different people about the income potential.

But given said that, they have been granted a membership in the honorable Direct Selling Association (DSA). Furthermore, Talk Fusion has also been awarded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

All these things bode really well for marketers who are willing to be associated with Talk Fusion.

However, their compensation plan works on the traditional binary system – which is a huge turn-off.

You basically have two legs – a right leg (right team) and a left leg (left team). You recruit members in both the legs, and both the teams have to perform for you to earn commissions.




Moreover, you always have to be active and qualified to receive that commission.

For instance, when you have a minimum of 100 sales volumes in both your binary legs, you earn a commission cycle of $25. If any one of your team isn’t up to par, you suffer.

Furthermore, when you become a “Pro Associate”, you can increase the amount of revenue. However, team bonuses can only be earned by “Executive Associates”.

Talk Fusion also claims to be an MLM company that literally pays instant commissions. That’s a huge plus, since not many multi-level marketing companies offer it.

Moreover, there are a few more bonuses that you may be interested in as an affiliate, e.g. Fast Start Bonuses, Lifestyle Rewards and the incredible Mercedes Madness Car Bonus.

You can learn all about the opportunities here.

 Final Words- Talk Fusion Review

Talk Fusion has always been a credible company. They have some excellent products with a lot of use in the foreseeable future, and a compensation plan that could have been a lot more rewarding and convenient.

You can earn instant commissions and residual income by recommending Talk Fusion to other people. However, the steep upfront prices, monthly subscription fees and many free alternatives (like Skype) can become a serious problem in that.



Corporate Branding

Branding really isn’t that bad.  Pretty nice design on all accounts.


Website Design

Website looks good as well.  They’re a tech based company, so it really needs to be.  They’ve been around a while so everything has a pretty good feel to it.


Product Design & Qaulity

Products are designed well.  Real similar to IwowWe in the product offerings.  With all of the free alternatives out there, I’m a little stand offish about trying to justify the price tag.  Gets expensive real fast.


Opportunity Rating

I give it a 6 because of the cost of the product and what it takes to break even.  The Break Even Point is very important to me when looking at these companies.  What you have to put in for initial investment and the amount of sales you will have to generate to make any money make a hard recommendation for me to make.  For the beginning marketer it will be hard to make real money in TalkFusion.  For the experienced marketer, I could see you making a go at it.

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