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 Empower Network Full Review


Empower Network has been around a while…  First opened the doors in October of 2011.  At first no one was expecting them to last.  But they’ve grown leaps and bounds in the last couple years and show no signs of slowing down.

Empower is formed around giving you tools and education on marketing any business online.

But… also being the business in itself.  One of those multiple streams of incomes.


David Wood and David Sharpe- These dudes are crazy!  They’re both the rags to riches story, weather it be living in a van down by the river.  Or hooked on drugs and getting clean.

The trick is they both have become incredible entrepreneurs that really like to put it all out there.

They both are in the business and working the business which awesome for any network marketing company.

They aren’t afraid to drop the constant f-bombs…  or call you a weanie if well…. you’re being a weanie.

Its’ definitely not for everyone, but sometimes I just want someone to give it to me straight and thats what they do.

 Empower Network Products


What will you be selling?:

Just quick idea of the products.

Blog Beast :  25$ mo

Easy blog that is pretty much setup for you.  Hooked to a powerful domain.

 Inner Circle: 100$ mo

Pretty much weekly inspiring stories from different leaders in the company.  Probably the most

up to date marketing ideas and strategies.

Costa Rica Intensive: 500$ 

This is a collection of videos from a trip to Costa Rica that brought leaders together and they

discuss different strategies to grow your business.  (To tell you the truth its ahnnnnnn okay)

 $15k Formula: 1000$

This is the mother of all in my opinion.  This has recently been updated and will give you a ton of

new ways and resources to grow.

 Masters Course: 3500$

This is a collection of HD videos from leaders in the company.

More advanced marketers could really benefit from this.

You can upgrade to any level at any time.  All you do is purchase straight thru your back office.

 Pay Me

 Empower Network Compensation Plan

First off, if you want to be an affiliate you have to pay a 19.95/mo fee to basically be qualified to sell the products.

After you get done with that you will most likely have to buy each product in order to be qualified to resell it.

You could also sell it to a non-affiliate which is just a person that buys all the products but doesn’t activate their affiliate account.  (Probably not gonna happen)

First off, how can you sell something you don’t own?

Second, who is gonna buy 5k worth of marketing materials and not wanna market???

Back to PAY ME!

All the products pay 100% commissions  and the masters is about 85%.

If you make a sale of any of the products and you don’t own them you will pass up those sales to the closest sponsor who does.

On the commissions that you qualify for, you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and then every 5 after that.  Each product is independent on this.

It’s a pretty sound Comp plan to everyone involved.  Atleast you know your working your ass off for your business and not just making your sponsors rich.



Great Compensation plan that will allow you grow fast.

Leaders in this company are some of the best in the industry

worldwide sales, no more just selling in the U.S.

Premade sales funnels and blogging platform that is all geared towards traffic

Some of the best Marketing Education found online

Introducing more products like video hosting and the Bad Ass Button


Leaders not afraid to put it all out there and call a spade a spade.  You will have to be okay with that

In order to get all the commissions buying all the products is expensive

No garranteed money.  Failure rate is just like most others in the industry

Competition- in my opinion the market is pretty saturated with marketers for these products.

Some of the products need updating


All Said and Done

For me to give you the Empower Network Full Review I would  have to give you both the good and the bad.

In the end I hope I’ve given you both sides of the story here.

I really like this opportunity and I am an affiliate.  These are great products and you will learn a ton about marketing any other business.

It only makes sense to make some money while you do. Right?

Remember that you’re not gonna make millions without putting in the work.

But, theres not many businesses out there that give you a 100% commission and a high quality products.

 Ready To Join

Thats good that you’re taking action.

If you’re looking for a team to join let me throw my name in there.

I’ve been in Empower for a little over 2 years and can show you the in’s and out’s of the business.

But like I’ve said before, this business is not for faint of hearts and should not be taken lightly.

So.. If you ready to grow as a marketer and to really work a business then click on the link below and we can get started.

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