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Official Myfunlife review

MyFunLife Review

For this article to live up to the title of Official MyFunLife Review I really need to show you both sides of the business.  Or the good and bad.  I really believe I’ve done that with this article.  Read on and let me know your thoughts. MyFunLife is a newer travel company that has popped up.  I have to admit it’s pretty intriguing looking at travel company that doesn’t cost you a couple grand.  For 25$ you can be a member and have this opportunity to make cash back on all your travel.


The inspiration for MyFunLIFE came from Matthew Edwards, Chief Visionary Officer. Provoked by his desire to help build a brighter future for the people of the world, he presented a plan to help and guide people to a healthier, more enjoyable life allowing them to gain financially while they reach success. Together with a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs and educated business leaders, they created MyFunLIFE, a company that combined the power of the Internet with direct selling to do something truly innovative. Now that’s the corporate about me: I see a young eager team that are anxious to put a mark on this industry.  Matthew has put a strong team around him and they are doing everything they can do to make the reps successful.


 Cha-Ching Booking

Cha-Ching is a booking platform that you can sell pretty much everything in the travel industry.  Much like Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline, except with this sucker you make the commission instead of those dam Gnomes.  How annoying are those commercials?

 Fun Trips

These little beauties are vacation packages that are put together for you at discounted rates.  These are periodical and have different trips to different locations during the year.  You see all the details right there in your back office.


Think Timeshare without a HOA.  This is like owning timeshares all around the globe with a simple 25$ a month membership.  No meetings or sales pitches to sit thru.  Just rent the condo and boom you’re on the beach or on the mountain in no time.  I own a timeshare right now, and let me tell you its a freaging joke.  You make your payment every year which is usually more that it would cost for you just to rent it for the two weeks you’re allowed in it. With FunCONDOS I can go to a different one each time and not be tied into one location which is pretty sweet.


One thing that people aren’t really talking about is all the fancy sales funnels you get for that small amount. I mean take a look at this:  JOINERIC.COM We get more than 5 different funnels just like that one the minute you sign up.  Hell… It would cost probably at least a grand just to get one of those designed and set-up.

 Compensation Plan

 Cha-Ching Booking Engine

Pretty involved plan, you make a percentage of the sale based on the total dollar amount. See the PDF for more info

 Fast Start Bonus  (25$ Bonus 1 time)

Basically you if you sponsor 3 people in your first 7 days you will receive a 25$ Bonus.  What this does is encourage you and your team to participate in the power of 3 technique.

 3x10 Forced Matrix  (Monthly)

MyFunLife Forced Matrix The matrix is a 3x10 Forced Matrix.  So for those of you who don’t know, these are used to try to maximize the amount of spillover you will receive from your team. Now… Over the years I found that with these types of comp plans you really want to go in under a builder.  Which was my number one focus when signing up.  We’ve formed a big team of nothing but builders which can really help in filling your matrix up as fast as possible.  Timing also plays a role in this.   The sooner you get your spot locked up the sooner you could start seeing spill. It pays 1 dollar per person on all rows all the way to row 10 except row 7.  Row 7 pays 2 dollars per person.  In case when you’ve filled your matrix, row 7 alone will have 2,187 people on it. You do the math. Thats some serious scratch!

 Check Match Bonus  (Monthly)

MyFunLife Check Match This is a little different. This pays on the amount of personal enrolled members you have.  Which gives your sponsor more incentive to keep sponsoring and not just ride your coattails!

Coded Bonus  (Weekly)

MyFunLife Coded Bonus Probably makes more sense than I would.

 Car Bonus  (Monthly)

For this one if you’re Saphire, Ruby, or diamond you get a car bonus.


Cost is very inexpensive to be a member Get tons of value in the trips Your very own Bing Travel that you make the commissions on Timing: The company is young so with this compensation plan your timing couldn’t be better. You get a boat load of marketing tools that help you sell the program Sales funnels and emailer included


Because it’s so inexpensive people don’t see the value in it Travel is a very competitive market 3x10 Matrix can hurt you if you land on the wrong team Getting team members to use the power of 3 In house lead capture, I don’t like letting someone else have control of my leads. Be sure to back your leads up

All Said And Done

This is truly a great opportunity and the timing could not be better.  Be sure aline yourself with a powerful uplink much like ours to help your business grow.  But MyFunLife has a ton of different bonuses and tools all wrapped around a 25 dollar monthly.  Craziness.   I don’t know if MyFun Life is for you… But if it sounds like it is and you are a person that will work it like a business then we would be glad to add you to our team.   Click the banner below and go thru the funnel to get started.

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