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ArgentGlobal Network Review

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Argent Global Network Review

Argent Global Network,  is a Belize registered multi-level online network marketing business with a profit sharing system.

AGN is successfully managed by an international team of professions including CEOs and network marketers.

Strategic Online Advertising Solutions
AGN offers a platform of marketing for any product you wish advertise.  AGN is a baby still and is growing into a big name in the network marketing arena.  They pride themselves in advertising and giving you an avenue to brand your product or service.  Along side of that they have a profit share that all take part in.  You can advertise for the company sending traffic back to your AGN site and make direct commissions, or just drive up value of the AGN site in general.

Independent advertisers can buy slots on the site to market as well.  Putting their product or service in front of thousands daily.

This is a brief overview.  For my full review see Argent Global Network


Victor Rival CEO

Victor is the CEO on record but there really is a whole team of veterans that have been in the industry over 50 years.  They set out to design a program that everyone could succeed at.  A way to advertise whatever product you wish and not be out all those hard earned dollars.

Advertising Platform

Whether you are a traditional business owner or you have a home based business, how you strategize your business marketing plan plays a vital role in the success of your business. Even if you offer the highest quality products and the best services in town, if you don’t promote and advertise your business offerings the right way, you’ll never be able to compete successfully and grow your business profitability.

Argent provides a advertising platform that will allow your business to put in front of thousands of people everyday.  And it also allows you to make money while you advertise.  Gone are the days of advertising with little to no results and being out the cash.

Argent Global Network Compensation Plan

Here is a basic run down of the comp plan:

They have a free pack that you can earn by placing ads for 60 straight days.  All you have to do is upgrade to the 10 dollar membership at the end of the 60 day period the company will give you an 150 dollar pack for free.  (Which is a 6 month contract)

You are required to have a monthly subscription that start at 10 bucks and go up to 100 dollars per month.

Whatever subscription you decide to purchase month to month will determine your income ceiling.

With the silver membership:

You are allowed to purchase up to 5 Ad Vouchers.  You will have to place 1 ad for every ten vouchers you own.  Meaning you can own up to 10 vouchers and only have to place one ad per day.  when you own 11-20 vouchers you will have to place 2 ads per day.  And so on and so forth.

Now picture each voucher will allow you to make up to 10$ per week.  I say allow because you will have to place your ad everyday or you will only make a percentage of that.  For each day you miss during the week you 20%.

So.. with the silver membership you can make up to 50 bucks per week only doing one ad per day.


Gold Membership

With the Gold Membership you can own up to 20 vouchers.  Which if you place your ad or ads everyday you can make up to 200 dollars every week.

Diamond Membership

This will cost you 100 dollars per month and will basically make it so your income is unlimited.  You can own as many vouchers as you wish to purchase.

2x21 Forced Matrix

A true company wide forced matrix will ensure that there are plenty of commissions to go around.  Basically what this means is that you have no say where your sign ups will go in the matrix.  Yes, they still will be personally enrolled by you and they still will show up under you on your genealogy.  But… there really is no need to try to figure out where this or that person should go.  Which is great because when people above you sign people up guess what, they may land under you.

Now you make different percentages per month on the memberships per month depending on what membership you own.  For a more in-depth look at what the matrix can do for go to Argent Global Network

Final Verdict- Argent Global Network Review

Argent Global Network is really a baby when it comes to growing a company.  They have a long way to go as far as branding and product offerings.  The advertising platform is good for anyone that needs to advertise another business.  But as far as getting some major advertisers in on the site will be a serious step forward.  The additions of a gaming platform and also the enhancement of the shopping mall will all put the company in the right direction.

As far as a business Opportunity,  I gave it a 9 because you honestly have all the tools in your hands to make money.  All you have to do is do the work by posting your ads everyday.  Now I know you saying there is some uncertainty in the company and maybe there is.  But… at least i know that if I do the work I get paid unlike many of the others that I’ve reviewed.  So there it is, I would definitely recommend Argent Global Network to anyone out there that is actually try to make some money from home.  I know with companies like Telexfree and Others taking a dump there is some spookiness to it all.  But those companies had a whole other set of problems not to do the business model.

For more info check out Argent Global Network


Corporate Branding


Website Design


Product Design & Quality

Opportunity Rating

They are still real new.  Still branding is where I would want it.  But I can see they are working on it.

Same thing, brand new so the website isn’t as user friendly or as trendy as it could be.  I have been told that there will be some major changes to site and its offering in the next 60 days.  So it is also looking up.

Advertising is a constant product that all of us marketers need.  I just would like some trainings and or some more ways to market offered.  They are in the process of adding a gaming platform which would be great to advertise on.  We shall see.

The oppritunitty to actually make money is remarkable.  You are giving everything you need to get the work done.  All you have to do is do the work and you get paid.  That simple!  Unlike other companies where you could do everything right and never make a dime.  Argent Global Network provides you with a way to always operate in the green.

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