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That was an awesome workout!  Now you drop into the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a little smoothie goodness with a protein pop.

But are you really getting a healthy smoothie with some muscle building power or a foam cup of kol-aid?  Let take a gulp of that sucker and check it out.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (we’re gonna just call it TSC from now on)

They have a full array of products and let me tell you..  The food is great.  They’re what I would consider a retro deli.  TSC has some awesome sandwiches, wraps, flatbreads, and salads.


All their wraps are around 600 calories which isn’t really on the healthy side but a ton better than sinking your teeth into a Big Mac right. It would be cool to see them add wheat tortilla’s or some other low calorie options if they are truly going to be sold as healthy food.

The TSC sandwiches and flatbreads range anywhere from 475 up to almost 800 calories per. So be careful in what you choose if you’re trying to lean up for beach season or just trying to drop a few pounds. By far my favorite is the the Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich. If you haven’t tried this bad boy you need to. It’ll make you wanna slap somebody for not telling you earlier.

Now enter the smoothie business

Are the TSC smoothies really packing enough healthy punch for you?  Looking at one of these a little closer up I’m finding that there is a ton of some stuff in these that can truly sabotage you and your weight goals.

Since we’re on a working out theme here I took a look at the TSC Muscle Blaster ™.

The first thing that stood out was the amount of sugar. 70g of sugar is a ton for you to consume in one sitting. Now I can go into the effects that sugar has on your body and maybe some of you would listen.

But let’s not!


We all know that sugar is bad for you and bad for any health goals that you may have.

The other thing that stood out was the calories. 481 calories in a drink is pretty high. Especially when you combine it with one of those sandwiches above. Okay you can lower it by using Splenda but now you’ve added some artificial sweetener, again not good.

Now the amount of protein you’re getting is pretty good for a drink and a real good amount of vitamin c. But other than that you’re really getting a huge amount of bad and small amount of good.

Smoothie’s Gone Bad

The smoothie in general has been just slammed down our throats for a long time. Everyone talks about how healthy they are and how we need to be slamming down these green drinks to gain super powers. Well not all smoothies are created equal. Some are no better than going home and chugging a pitcher of Kol-Aid.

Here is a Infographic of some of the smoothies and where they rank:

What makes Yevo’s new EN43 Smoothie Like a Boss?


We can do the same look at the EN43 as we can wit the others.   Looking at what you get in each serving versus the TSC smoothies is really no contest.

You’re getting it in less calories.  But hey, I hate calorie counting so lets keep looking.  You also get 30g of protein which is gonna go to making muscles bigger and stronger.

You also get your omega 3’s which are a whole lot better than swallowing those oil pills and burning up that lovely fish oil all day.

But also take a look at the 43 essential nutrients you’re getting.  That’s really where Yevo shines.

No Bad Stuff!

So now that you’ve seen some of the different smoothies out on the market and how they can sometimes be not all they’re cracked up to be.

I hope you’ve seen the power of what Yevo and their line of products can do for you.  So don’t wait!  Don’t go another week of Jamba Juice or TSC smoothies and continue to not reach your goals.

While TSC foods maybe okay for you, there is another way to get more nutrient in one meal.  It’s a way that you along with the entire industry has probably never seen before.

So I urge you to check it out right away.  Make a purchase of one pack and try it out.  Or hit me up in the comments and I can send you a sample.  Either way, lets get started building a healthier body for you!

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